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8 in 1 English Dictionary will teach you all the English words you will need
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8 in 1 English Dictionary is a multilingual dictionary with pronunciation feature. The demo of this program is online at the provided download link. You can't install it in your computer, you will only be able to run it if you're connected to the Internet. You will see it through your browser. When you launch 8 in 1 English Dictionary it will ask you for the desired language, you can choose between 12 available. Then, you will be offered to look for a word in the dictionary. Under the "Alphabet" option you can choose the first letter of a word, and then you will see a list of available words. Under the "Text" option you can type the word you're interested in. The "Sound" option will let you look for a word starting with a given sound. In the demo version, only the "Alphabet" option is available, and only for some words beginning with "A" and "J". Once you've selected the word you like, the program will pronounce the word through the speakers and will show you the translation for that word in the chosen language. It will display an illustration to the word, its classification, plural and a sample phrase.

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  • The demo version is very limited
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